What is the FIC?

The FIC, born in 2007, is the logical continuation of the reflections led in 2004 by a working group under the authority of Thierry Breton, then chairman of France Telecom. The aim was to imagine ways and means to better fight against cybercrime, which was growing in quantity and quality. Among the ideas put forward, the need to decompartmentalize the public and private sectors seemed to be a primary condition. Public authorities are unable to act alone in cyberspace, whose hyperconnection calls for a meshed, composite response. This cooperation must be permanent and decentralized, but it is nourished by meetings.

The FIC is a forum, as its acronym indicates. In ancient Rome, the forum was a public square with a dual purpose: the market and debate. If it were only a market place, the FIC would be a fair. But, without disputing the importance of trade for cybersecurity solution providers, the place also given to sharing, to debate, is without doubt the DNA of the FIC. Cyberspace is like a mosaic. Each of us has one or more pieces, often concentrated in the same chromatic range, but which cannot, on their own, describe it in its diversity, in its complexity, in the interplay of all its components. All together, we can however sketch its contours, understand its systemic mechanisms, its apparent or hidden logic. Together, we can identify the features that need to be corrected, the associations that need to be made, the colors that harm or weaken each other. At the FIC, the debate is in the show, the show in the debate.

Since its origins, the FIC has brought together public authorities, companies, from start-ups to multinationals, universities, research centers and digital training schools

Since its origins, the FIC has brought together public authorities, companies, from start-ups to multinationals, universities, research centers and digital training schools. Over the years, it has become the place where doctrine is developed, where trends and ruptures are scrutinized through the speakers’ comments, and where lines of force are perceived. It is also a breeding ground for talents and skills.

Just as the sea brings together all those who sail on it, cyberspace
brings together the “community of cyber people” who, like the “community of seafarers”, are united by their “environment”, by an adventure that is never finished.

Young or old, whatever their place in the hierarchy, their political, philosophical or religious opinions, visitors are welcomed like members of a family. It is enough to observe the conviviality that characterizes the FIC “on” and the FIC “off” to understand the importance of the place of the human being in a shared conception of the digital space.

Indeed, the FIC does not only answer the question “How?”; it also aims to answer the question “Why?” by placing the human being at the heart of cyberspace. Between a consumerist Internet and a collectivist Internet, the FIC offers another “voice”, another “path” that establishes cybersecurity as an essential condition of individual and collective freedom.

The FIC is first and foremost a state of mind! A state of mind served by a soul that feeds on the ardor and enthusiasm of a young creative team.


The FIC spirit must be spread and amplified. To do so, it must be shared with those who share the same vision of the digital metamorphosis of humanity. The exchanges in Montreal and Lille with our Canadian friends have highlighted the intellectual community that brings together those who are similar. It is with enthusiasm that we can “pass the torch” across the Atlantic!

The torch is the light that illuminates the darkness of our ignorance; it is the warmth that characterizes friendship.

The FIC North America is born in 2022, carried by a team that we think we have always known, so close are we. It will not be a copy of the Lille FIC, so much the spirit of innovation animates those who conceive it. It will certainly be a source of inspiration for its elder brother.

Both of them will, faster, stronger, and even further, carry the discourse on which the action is based.

Long live the FIC North America!

General Marc Watin-Augouard
Founder of the FIC