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Bringing together and mobilizing the global cybersecurity ecosystems

  • Bringing together and mobilizing the global cybersecurity ecosystems
  • Our common destiny is largely played out in the digital space. Together, we must join forces and skills to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow: making the Internet more secure, building trust in new technologies, preventing the impact of cyber warfare and cyber espionage, making our critical infrastructure resilient, and putting an end to cyber crime. The FIC, one of the world's most innovative cybersecurity events, is now established on both sides of the Atlantic to play its fundamental role of bringing together and mobilizing all digital trust stakeholders.
  • In its 15 years of existence, the FIC - International Cybersecurity Forum - has become the largest cybersecurity and digital trust event in Europe, with 19,000 participants, 550 private and public sponsors, 520 speakers and 60 countries represented. Thanks to the support of the Quebec, Canadian and French authorities, the event is crossing the Atlantic and will be held in Montreal, Canada, on November 1st and 2nd 2022, for its first North American edition.


Human values in a trusted digital space

The FIC, as its founder, General Marc Watin-Augouard, reminds us, is a Forum, in the sense of Ancient Rome. That is to say, it is both a marketplace and a place for debate. The FIC, now held twice a year, alternating between Europe and America, is the sounding board for all initiatives contributing to building a trusted digital society. [Read more]

Vincent Riou
General Manager of FIC North America




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