The Forum InCyber, as its founder, General Marc Watin-Augouard, reminds us, is a Forum, in the sense of Ancient Rome. That is to say, it is both a marketplace and a place for debate. The Forum InCyber, now held twice a year, alternating between Europe and America, is the sounding board for all initiatives contributing to building a trusted digital society.

Building a trusted digital society means understanding the threats and organizing the fight against them, relying on essential international cooperation.

Building a trusted digital society means better protecting our companies and our data, and integrating preventive measures upstream of all our projects. It means learning to better protect our systems, our critical infrastructures, our value- added content and our intellectual property.

Building a trusted digital society means offering citizens legal texts that protect them; it means pushing, or even imposing by law, best cybersecurity practices on companies; it means integrating ethical charters that put human dignity and respect back at the center of technological developments.

Building a trusted digital society means imagining and preparing the future. Anticipating technological breakthroughs, encouraging research, and training the talents of tomorrow. Finally, and most importantly, building a trusted digital society means protecting the most vulnerable people and ensuring that human dignity and respect are placed at the heart of the digital services we leave to our children.

An indigenous proverb says that "We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children". This is also true in the digital space.
So, together, let’s put human values at the heart of a trusted digital space.

Vincent Riou
General Manager of Forum InCyber North America

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