These awareness sessions are aimed exclusively at SME owners who want to discover the realities of a cyber crisis, in order to better protect their company.

Indeed, SMEs are the largest part of our businesses, but their level of cyber maturity is generally low.

Therefore the INCYBER Forum, in partnership with several chambers of commerce and city councils, will invite hundreds of SME owners to participate in free awareness sessions.

The objective is not to transform decision-makers into technical experts but to make them take the measure decisions they will have to make in a crisis situation in crisis situation in the following areas:

  • Networks and information systems
  • Organization of the crisis system
  • Relations with the authorities
  • Internal and external communication
  • Legal and insurance aspects
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You manage Z-MECA, a small business of 350 people specialized in precision mechanics. Pioneer of the 4th industrial revolution, the family business has become a Canadian specialist in subtractive and additive manufacturing.

Over the past year, you have achieved one success after another: opening a new factory in Tourcoing, France, the signing of several several contracts in the aerospace industry, and the arrival of a new minority shareholder.

Until that spring morning of October 25, 2023, when the company was about to experience the most serious crisis in its history…

Sensitive data theft, ransomware, loss of vital company data…
Experience a cyber crisis and learn about best practices for risk prevention.